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Wondering what non-surgical back pain treatment is? Well, It entails utilizing a treatment option for back pain that does not require any surgical methods to be used. More people are looking into non-surgical treatment options because they want to avoid any invasive procedures that can potentially cause them more harm or even not work at all. Now that alternative treatment options are becoming more popular, those suffering from back problems are looking into using alternative treatment options that can give them the pain relief they are seeking.

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Why someone would need this treatment

Want to understand the reasons why non-surgical back pain treatment might be necessary? Whether it be from a lack of good standing health, being averse to undergoing surgery, or simply not having a bad enough condition to require surgery, non-surgical back pain treatment is a great alternative for your back pain. Our chiropractor can provide you with the back pain relief you need and deserve with quality, caring non-surgical back pain treatment.

According to Hopkins Medicine, if the source of the pain is not known or cannot be treated, an ideal option is to work with a medical professional on reducing the flare-ups and making the pain manageable with non-surgical treatments.

Common back-related problems, non-surgical treatment options

Patients who experience the following back-related problems are more likely to look into their non-surgical back pain relief options: bulging discs, sciatica, muscle injuries, and cell therapy. Common non-surgical options that a chiropractor will utilize include chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, electrotherapy, hot therapy, cold therapy, injections, over-the-counter medications, and exercise plans.

Common techniques used for chiropractic adjustments

There are a few different techniques a chiropractor will use when performing adjustments on their patients. The technique used for each individual patient will depend on their particular situation and will be included in their treatment plan. It is possible for more than one technique to be used on a patient, as the ultimate goal is to treat the patient, so they no longer experience back pain. The list below contains common techniques that a chiropractor will utilize when treating their patients who have back problems.

Gonstead technique

This technique requires a patient to lie on their side while a chiropractor uses their hand to make adjustments to their lower back and pelvis area. The purpose of this technique is to minimize pain, loosen any stiff joints, and realign the joints to support proper back movement.

Activator technique

This technique requires a chiropractor to use a device that emits gentle impulses of light along specific points of the spine. The stimulation it provides helps minimize lower back pain and is commonly used for treating older patients.


This technique is used on patients who are experiencing problems that are directly related to their lumbar spine, e.g., scoliosis, joint pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, etc. The patient will need to lie down on a table specifically designed for this type of technique, allowing the chiropractor to manually manipulate the patient's back by performing the appropriate stretching motions to address their particular issue.

Drop table technique

This technique also uses a table that is specifically designed to accommodate this type of chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor treats the entire spine when using this technique, which works by lowering or dropping sections of the table once a certain area of the body has been treated until the entire spine has been properly adjusted.

Diversified technique

This technique requires a chiropractor to use their hands to correct improper spinal alignment in their patients, helping restore their overall mobility. An accurate applied pressure of the hands is necessary to realign the spine and accordingly, allows the joints to once again be in their proper place.

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Ready to make an appointment for non-surgical back pain treatment? Many people are looking into alternative options for treating their back pain, as they want to avoid the surgical process. They also want to avoid taking narcotics to reduce or eliminate their pain, which can potentially become addictive. When you make an appointment with us, you will first need to undergo an examination so a proper diagnosis can be made. Only when you receive your diagnosis can a proper treatment plan be created specifically for you.

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