How Often Should I Visit a Chiropractor?

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"I feel so much better now, so thank you and goodbye forever!" Almost every chiropractor has heard those words at some point, and they often have to encourage their patients to be, well, patient. People then respond in two ways. As soon as they feel better, some patients leave the chiropractor for the last time, never to return. Until they have to.

Most patients simply ask their chiropractors just how much longer they have to keep making the visits. If you are wondering the same thing, then read on. There are some answers here.

What chiropractors do

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who help to treat and manage problems that originate from the spine or joints. These disorders occur when the soft tissue, muscles, nerves, spine and joints are affected by injury, stress, work-related strain, poor posture or sports-related conditions.

Chiropractors help patients deal with the resulting pain and limited movement. To restore the spine, muscles or joints, these specialists perform chiropractic adjustment, which is the targeted use of controlled force on a problem joint. The goal of chiropractic adjustment is simply to realign the body.

How often should a patient visit?

Each patient has their own unique set of circumstances that lead them to seek chiropractic therapy. The number of sessions that a person will need is informed by some of the following situations:

1. Serious injury

A person who has suffered an accident, severe sports injury or bad fall may be referred for chiropractic therapy after initial treatment. After the chiropractor evaluates the patient, they will recommend the number of sessions the person should have.

To help heal severe injuries, the chiropractor will usually recommend two or three sessions a week for several weeks. After the patient improves, the chiropractor will reduce the number of sessions to once a week, once every two weeks or once a month.

The chiropractor will continue to evaluate the patient to see if further chiropractic adjustments are needed.

2. Severe chronic pain

People that live with chronic conditions like arthritis or chronic back or neck pain need chiropractic adjustment to manage or remove their pain. After a chiropractor evaluates a person, they will prescribe a certain number of therapy sessions. For severe pain, the chiropractor will recommend two or three sessions every week until the pain gets better, after which they will reduce the sessions to weekly or even monthly.

A person with moderate discomfort may only need to see the chiropractor once every two weeks or on a monthly basis. Depending on the health of the patient, a chiropractor will increase or decrease the frequency of the sessions as needed.

Chiropractic alignment as a preventive measure

Some people opt for chiropractic adjustment in the same way others choose to get deep tissue massages. They get to choose how often they see the chiropractor. Some people like to go every week, while others like to go every month.

Your body will make its needs known

As a general rule, you should continue to go to the chiropractor for a few months after the pain and discomfort have stopped. However, there is every reason to keep going even after you heal. Chiropractic adjustment helps the body heal without excessive pain medication. And if you incorporate it into your lifestyle, chiropractic adjustment will keep your body in great condition. Want to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care? Schedule a consultation with us today.

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